📃GetGud: Get your productivity up

📃GetGud: Get your productivity up

GetGud is an All -in-One productivity web app, built with NextJS and GraphQL

I made a simple but beautiful to-do app with Grafbase.

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This project is my contribution to the #GrafbaseHackathon. I am a final-year college student, juggling studies and internships. This hackathon allowed me to revive my old abandoned project I started in the summer break of 2022. It feels good to finish it finally 🙂.




Productivity apps are essential for developers, serving as digital allies that streamline their workflow, enhance efficiency, and optimize time management. These apps offer features such as code editors with syntax highlighting and version control integration, task and project management functionalities, and collaboration tools that facilitate seamless teamwork. By automating repetitive tasks, providing instant access to code snippets and documentation, and enabling efficient communication within teams, productivity apps empower developers to focus on creative problem-solving and innovation. With the rapid pace of technological advancement, staying organized and maintaining a structured work process is paramount for developers to meet deadlines, produce high-quality code, and ultimately deliver exceptional software solutions.

Introducing GetGud, an All-in-One productivity app.


During my freshman and sophomore years, I found myself immersed in video games, a habit that proved to be unproductive. Seeking a positive change, I decided to explore the realm of productivity enhancement. My journey began with the installation of a Pomodoro app, which prompted me to consider how to best utilize my time. This pondering led me to embark on a new venture – crafting my very own productivity app. At the outset, I was a coding novice, grappling with a codebase that functioned but was plagued with numerous bugs and often confounded even me. I eventually set the project aside, relegating it to the backlog. However, a recent discovery, Grafbase, reignited my enthusiasm. I seized the opportunity to rekindle the project entirely from scratch. This week marked a significant milestone as I proudly completed and finalized my productivity app, a gratifying culmination of my persevering efforts.

💻Tech Stack

I am using NextJS as the full stack framework, clerk for authentication and Grafbasefor providing GraphQL endpoints to a MongoDB database.